Termite Inspection

Should I opt for a termite inspection?

It may seem simple and easy, but detecting a termite infestation in your home isn’t always achievable.

Only a professional, qualified termite inspector will be able to detect their presence.

If termites are discovered in or around your property, it is important that you do not disturb their environment, as this can cause further damage as they can relocate elsewhere.

It is important to do the following things:

  • Stop doing whatever it was that caused you to find the termites.
  • Call Allrid Pest Services for professional advice and to arrange an appointment to inspect and assess the problem.

Our company can provide you with the most effective termite pest management solution in Sydney.

Allrid Pest Services understands the impact and damage termites can have on your property.

You can be assured knowing we will work with you to treat and eliminate the problem.

Thermal imagery to aid termite inspection!

Thermal imagery comes in handy during a detailed termite inspection. Thermal imagery can assist in detecting the presence of termites without any invasive inspect. Call us today if you would like to use Thermal imagery for a Termite inspection.

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