If you own and operate a hotel, it is your responsibility to ensure that it is kept in good and high standards of living. While cleanliness and maintenance are major aspects, you also need to keep the hotel, bug-free and free of pests. This should of course be carried out by experienced pest management professionals from an established pest control services company like Allrid Pest Services.

The pest control and pest management services carried out by Allrid Pest Services is as per prescribed industry standards. With our knowledge and experience, we will work with you to eliminate any type of pests or insects that are commonly found in hotels. Using, safe, non-toxic pest control solutions we endeavour to ensure that your hotel is pest-free.

We understand the hospitality industry is all about customer service, so, we will work together to ensure that the environment is pest free.

Why should periodic pest management be undertaken by hotels?

  • If there is an infestation of any type of pests, its invasion can have a detrimental effect that it may even affect business
  • The guests and employees can be affected if there is any type of pest infestation
  • If pests are noticed by guests, then it will also take its toll on room bookings
  • If adequate, timely pest management is not undertaken, then stringent action may be taken by the council.

That is why for all these reasons and more, get a professional pest management service in your hotel today!

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