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As the weather is heating up cockroaches are starting to come out, follow these simple tips to protect your family from cockroaches!

There are a few simple things you can do:

• Clean spills and crumbs as quickly as possible
• Regularly clean inside your kitchen cupboards
• Store all food in airtight containers and never leave food out
• Cockroaches can easily slip through cracks and wall crevices, so it’s important to seal all cracks around your home
• Don’t leave pet food out in the open, always place away
• Be mindful to keep stacks of papers and magazines off floors
• Empty the kitchen rubbish bins regularly
• Ensure all garden waste is thrown away in the bins
• Keep your grass and outside of your home maintained and tidy
• Food waste to be thrown away in rubbish bins or compost bins and not in garden beds as this attracts cockroaches and rodents

If you discover a cockroach infestation in your home, call Allrid Pest Services today!

Cockroach in home

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