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Preparing for our arrival:

  • You must advise our Technician of any persons on the property who have any allergy concerns and follow instructions from our Technician in relation to your Pest Treatment, in particular to precautions for allergy suffers.
  • We recommend that all food products be stored away, clothes be taken off clothes lines, and any shoes or toys be stored away prior to treatment. If possible any furnishings should be moved away from skirting boards edges, prior to the application of the contact agent.
  • Cover fish tanks and bird cages
  • Have domestic pets treated for fleas before we arrive
  • If there are items underneath the home in raised homes, please ensure to make it accessible for our pest technicians to treat.


Things to do after treatment:

  • Avoid contact with treated surfaces until the agent has dried. This usually takes less than 2 hours from time of treatment.
  • Mowing the lawn and keeping the garden tidy can reduce hiding places for pests who may live outdoors but come inside during the evening (i.e. rats and mice)
  • Clear rubbish and debris lying around the home.
  • Cardboard and other clutter should be disposed of.
  • Fix any leaking plumbing and moisture around the home as this can create conducive conditions for termites.
  • Clear guttering of leaf litter and other debris.
  • If you have seen the signs of pests including noises, droppings, damage or mess, or see the pests themselves, the sooner you organise treatment, the sooner the issue will be solved.



If termites are discovered in or around your property, it is important that you do not disturb their environment, as this can cause further damage as they can relocate elsewhere.
It is important to do the following things:

  • Stop doing whatever it was that caused you to find the termites.
  • Call Allrid Pest Services for professional advice and to arrange an appointment to inspect and assess the problem.
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Here's what our happy customers think of Allrid Pest Services

Great bloke with a wealth of knowledge definitely knows what he is doing. Takes the time to explain and gives great advise. Haven't had a issue since he had come out. I Would recommend using more
Robert Poser
Robert Poser
00:32 10 Sep 18
Fantastic prompt service and great results. The technician was very polite and respectful of my home, even took off his shoes before entering. i will definitely be using them more
lisa babic
lisa babic
06:16 29 Aug 18
I have been using Allrid now for several years to do my annual pest control at my house. I have found that Andrew who has sprayed my house to be diligent in his work and would recommend him to anyone who wants a proper job done. Keep up the great more
Ante Molic
Ante Molic
03:56 17 Aug 18
From the booking to the service, great friendly staff and was happy to give me some great advise along the way. The technician that came to my house was super friendly and professional in his work. It has been a week now and not a single cockroach insight. Thank you and i will definitely be recommending Allrid to my friends and family. more
karen Hobb
karen Hobb
09:24 01 Aug 18
I called Allrid pest services about a issue with rodents i have been having at my warehouse. Andrew the technician that had come out was very professional in his work and explained what needed to be done. He was very through and checked all around the warehouse to see possible entry points. He had baited and proofed the entry points. It has now been a month and i haven't spotted a rodent in site. Thank you for great work. more
john withbirth
john withbirth
01:20 06 Jun 18
Andrew from Allrid is very professional and extremely effective. After one visit, I didn't see any roaches for almost 2 years. I called him in again to nuke the tiny number of roaches that have very recently started darting in and out of the usual places. PS. His perfect score almost looks too good to be true but I promise that I wasn't given any discounts or extra incentives for this more
John Haire
John Haire
04:58 23 Mar 18